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yule -- annual national prayer breakfast, president obama said the u.s. is mindful of the violence in egypt. >> and we pray the violence in egypt will end and that the rights and aspirations of the egyptian people will be realized. and that a better day will dawn over egypt and throughout the world. >> in recent days, the omaga -- obama administration is calling on mubarak to accept change and to transition to a more democratic system and president obama urged restraint on all sides amid the escalation there. >>> talk about the economy. president obama wants americans to switch to clean energy. they called on businesses to invest in clean energy technology and said go -- the tax credit if commercial buildings are more energy efficient and hopes they will create jobs and help the environment. >>> it was a brazen heist at the bellagio. a man caught on camera stealing $1.5 million in casino chips. now, police say that they know who he is. >>> plus, a burglary suspect caught in montgomery county. that guy probably would still be free right now. if he was not so greedy and oh, so forget
for the names of thousands of illegal aliens living in the county. >>> president obama is heading up i-95 to baltimore county tomorrow to talk about money and education. the president, education secretary, ernie duncan and jack lew will head to parkville middle school. that school has a focus on science and math. the president wants to cut other programs to increase education spending. >>> and right here at home president obama is getting ready to unveil his 2012 budget. the goal to cut the deficit by $1.3 trillion in the next 10 years. that includes cutting some programs the president supports. some republicans aren't convinced he's going stick to the script, and house speaker john boehner found 150 economists to sign a letter calling for spending cuts immediately should. if it's what these early press reports show, it shows that he's advocating leadership on that point. i'm hoping that's not the case that we can get this debt going down, but it looks like the debt is going to continue rising under this budget. >> they got here and some of the wiser heads said, whoa, you know, if you sta
and the eventual lift of egypt's emergency law. back here in the u.s., president obama sad s.a.t. down with fox news host bill o'reilly for a one-on-one interview. >> mr. obama says even though he doesn't know what egyptian president hosni mubarak plans to do, country is not going to be the same. >> egypt is not going to go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom. they want free and fair elections. they wasn't representative government. they want a responsive government. what we've said is you have to start a transition now. >> reporter: president obama also said it is important not to say that our only two options are the muslim brotherhood or to suppress the egyptian people. >>> checking out top stories, 15 people rounded up in a prostitution bust in the district. this happened saturday after police serveed a warrant on an apartment building in the 3100 block of georgia avenue northwest. two people were charged with operating a house of prostitution. another 13 face either solicitation or profit tuesday charges. owner of the building tells fox 5 he never saw anything unusual or
group could president obama do more to topple qadaffi? and our power players of the week. taking on the leaders in iran by making fun of them. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> chris: and hello again from fox news in washington. as states struggle with huge budget gaps and take on public workers our first guest has become the new it boy of american politics. mitch daniels of indiana is being celebrated for turning deficits in surpluses and adding jobs and some are saying he should be the republican nominee for president next year. governor daniels joins us now. welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> thank you, chris. >> chris: and what is going on there is you just had rotator cuff surgery and you will not be ready for spring training. >> ju are in thtrain. >> you are in the middle of a stand offy house democrats. they first said that they were fighting against the right to work law which is now dead and now they say they are fighting against 1 othe 11 other bills e agenda. are you prepared to make a deal to get the house democrats back to indiana. >> no, if they come back we
right now, is that enough to satisfy the people. >> and president obama weighed in. >> he sure did, and what he's encouraging is a transition of power sooner than later. let's hear from both presidents tonight. >> it is not the role of any other country to determine egypt's leaders. >> only the people of egypt can do that, and now their president has heard them. >> i have spent enough time in my life serving egypt and its people. >> egyptian president hosni mubarak tried to bring order back to his country saying he won't run for office again. >> i intend to work in the remaining months of my presidency in order to have measurements taken for a peaceful transition of power under the constitution. >> the news came after massive protests throughout egypt. opposition leaders claimed they rallied more than a million people. but if president mubarak stays until the end of his term in september, many marchers say it's not soon enough. in cairo, they hung mubarak in effigy, nearly unthinkable in egypt just weeks ago. >> we will not leave this square until mubarak leaves egypt as soon as po
you brought president obama together with some of the biggest names in the tech industry. >>> funerals today for five anti-government protestors in bahrain as reports come out of libya that dozens of people there have been killed fighting for that same cause in that country. the wave of change that started in egypt continues this morning.  >>> the united states calling for an end to the violence in the middle east. some human rights groups say 24 people were killed in demonstrations. protests continue in bahrain today. live picture from cairo where a victory march is under way. these are the live pictures where tens of thousands of people have gayer thissed to mark the fall of long-time leader hosni mubarak one week ago. groups are calling the friday of victory and continuation. >>> funeral plans are set for onwheeler, the -- for john wheeler. his body was found in a trash pile on new year's eve. a medical examiner says he was murdered but police don't have any suspects. he was the driving force behind the vietnam veterans memorial. >>> president obama met with
plata high school. >>> president obama is heading up i-95 to baltimore county to talk money and education tomorrow. the president and education secretary arnie duncan and jack lou will head to parkview middle school. the school has a focus on science and technology and math which the president wants to invest in. he wants to cut other programs to increase education spending. >>> egypt military cabinet is trying to restore security. they met to talk about priorities in bringing the nation back to order after 18 days of protests. already they've dissolved the egyptian parliament and suspending the constitution, two key dehe mands from the pro -- to key demands from the protestors. but something is building in an already unstable country. we're talking about iran. >> with rally cries about cairo, protestors in tehran are getting ready to take to the streets. peter ducey explained their demands. >> iranians are spay painting the street signs in iran. they have seen what their neighbors in egypt and tunisia have done and after the liz lambic revolution which topped the shaw of ir
-- news conference, president obama had harsh words for iran. tom fitzgerald is in the newsroom now. accused of him being hypocritic. >> some of the -- were directed at iran since the protest movement tried to re-form itself in the country. tail, though, he was careful not to directly call for iranian government removal and thousands of anti-government demonstrators are marching in iran inspired by the protests in egypt that removed president hosni mubarak. the iranian government responded with a heavy-handed crackdown on the protestors. hard liners in the iranian parliament called for an arrest of execution of opposition leaders. in washington today, president obama said iran's actions against his own people are at odds with the previous support of the egyptian protests. >> i find it ironic you have the regime pretending to celebrate what happened in egypt when, in fact, they have acted in direct contrast to what happened by gunning down and beating the people trying to express themselves peacefully in iran. >> reporter: the united states is not the only country watching this. the
the white house to chicago's mayor- elect. president obama sent good wishes to rahm emmanuel within hours of his victory. in october, he resigned as white house chief of staff to return to chicago to run for mayor. he will take office on may 16th. >>> coming up next, we'll take a look at what is happening in libya and how that is impacting gas prices in the u.s. no 70- degree temperatures in sight any time soon but we are in for a little bit of a warm-up. tucker has the full forecast when fox 5 morning news returns.  [ alarm blares, indistinct conversations ] [ female announcer ] important events can sneak up on you. can i have a couple weeks? [ female announcer ] but with yoplait light's two week tune up, you could be ready you could lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks when you replace breakfast and lunch with a fruit, grain, and yoplait light. betsy bets. you haven't changed a bit. neither have you... sean. well, yeah. [ female announcer ] go to to start your two week tune up. this week yoplait light yogurt is only 20 for $10 at giant. >>> welcome back. tucker is
marriage supporters are still about 12 votes shy to assure passage. >>> president obama has order the justice department to stop defending the constitutionality of a federal law which bans recognition of gay marriage. attorney general eric holder says mr. obama has conclude the the 15-year-old defense of marriage act was legally indefensible. >>> we continue to monitor metro this morning focusing on crime. a new report says aggravated assaults, even rapes jumped dramatically in 2010. later this morning, the metro board will hold a safety and security meeting to discuss what improvements can be made. >>> in libya, moammar ghadafi is losing control of more parts country. video shows protesters removing symbols of the city about 130 miles outside of the city. president obama says he is studying a full range of options to pressure the government there. >>> the space shuttle is set to launch later this afternoon on its final mission t has completed more flights and carried more crew members than any other u.s. spacecraft. jamie colby reports. >> reporter: the space shuttle covery spac
the richmond times dispatch that he plans to talk with president obama before making a decision. kaine is already coming out ahead in the polls. >> kaine actually tests higher 50 to 44% or so so he is coming out a little bit ahead of what webb would have in a head to head race at least in the polls. >> some say a kaine candidacy will also play into president obama's re-election strategy in 012. >>> the victory for president obama involving the budget. up next, details on a hughes vote to cancel a controversial program. >>> we'll get the latest on i deputy u.s. marshal killed while trying to serve a warrant. we'll check more headlines when we come back.  >>> making headlines, two boating incidents in asia. one american is dead a at least one u.s. citizen was among 12 foreigns are who were killed. they were on board a tourist boat that went down off of vietnam last night. >>> off indonesia, police picked up at least 10 people in a boat off of burma. >>> federal agencies have create a joint task force to investigate the shooting of two u.s. immigration and customs enfor
>>> president obama unveils his budget plan. >> we'll take a look at what is on the chop be block and what could take a boost. >>> the republicans are laying out their proposals in response to the plan. it could mean metro could tax a multimillion-dollar hit to its budget. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> let's take a look out from our tower cam this morning down along the wisconsin avenue corridor on this tuesday morning. it is february 15th now. good morning and thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm he gurvir -- i'm gurvir dhindsa. tony is in now to tell us about the forecast. >> yeah, the winds is blowing things around out there. here is a look at the lated sustained winds that we've been seeing around the region. 14miles per hour in wash. 10 in annapolis. 14 in manassas. dulles, 18 miles per hour. so a pretty good brisk wind out there. we expect the winds to blow between 10 and 20 miles per hour generally this morning. and then gusting up to around 25 miles per hour or so. current temperature, 35 degrees. relative humidity is a
while loyalists still try to take power over the rebellion in tripoli. president obama spoke out today to come up with a full range of options, including possible sanctions. >> we strongly condemn the use of violence in libya. the american people extend our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of all who have been killed and injured. the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous, and it is unacceptable. >> president nicholas sarcozi wants the union to cut economic ties with libya. they are considering a no fly zone over the country to prevent ghadafi from using war planes to slaughter his own people. >>> to the new zealand earthquake, australia, united states, england, taiwan and japan all helping out. they are feeling the crews are likely to find survivors elsewhere than christchurch. one building could have 150 bodies inside. 238 hurt after the quake. >>> here's a story you don't hear too often, the federal government refusing to defend one of its own laws, but that's exactly what the obama administration is going to start doing. find out why next. but first, all the fighti
-on-one with president obama. >> they touched on the recent crisis in egypt and o'reilly even took aim at the president's popularity. sarah simmons joins us with more on the interview. >> reporter: good morning. it was a very different face- off before the game and a lot of people watched it as fox commentator bill o'reilly sat down with a live interview with premier and he had some very pointed questions for him. president barack obama and fox's bill o'reilly one on one. the live pre-super bowl interview touching on a number of topics including the ongoing unrest in egypt. president obama saying even though he doesn't know what hosni mubarak plans to do, country will not be the same. >> egypt will not go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom. they want free and fair elections. they want a representative government. they want a responsive government. what we've said is you have to start a transition now. >> reporter: on the matter of health care reform, president obama sounded off on a recent ruling by a federal judge in florida declaring the bill he signed into law last year unconstitu
in the district. >>> president obama tried to rally democrats to support his new spending plan and threatening to veto budget cuts but the white house may be in for a long fight. we get the latest from doug luzader. >> reporter: even some democrats weren't thrilled with the president's new budget so the white house is hoping to change the minds and brace for battle. as president obama strode to the podium yesterday, he did little to hide his frustration over charges that his budget is too timid. >> let's face it, you guys are pretty impatient. if something doesn't happen today, then the assumption is it won't happen. >> reporter: the white house seemed taken aback spending the day trying to convince everyone about the budget. but the combination of spending cuts seem to alienate democrats and republicans. republicans said the spending is out of control. >> the federal government is borrowing nearly 40 cents of every dollar that it spends. the president's budget as unveiled yesterday does not deal with that situation and in fact makes it even worse. >> reporter: and left untouched in the budget
. >>> house republicans unveiled proposed spending cuts and president obama is expected to do the same monday. joining us, the gop point man in the debate, house budget committee chairman paul ryan who comes to us from his home state of wisconsin. president obama presents his budget for 2012 tomorrow and he reportedly is going to offer a plan that would cut the deficit his aides said by $1 trillion over the next decade. the key feature is a five year freeze on spending and some considerable tax increases on the wealthy. from what you have heard, what do you think of the president's plan? >> it sounds like the similar budgets that he has been giving us the last couple of years. last year he gave us a $2 trillion tax increase and got $700 billion of those tax increases mostly through the healthcare law. looks like he is coming back for another $1.3 trillion tax increases. this discretionary freeze is off of an extremely high base. they just blew spending out the gates in the last two years. a 24% increase in domestic discretionary spending. throw stimulus on top and that is an 84% increase and
on. >>> and the obama administration will no longer -- the institution about gay marriage. the justice department said the president decided to stop defending the marriage law after considering a number of factors, including a documented history of discrimination. >>> to a fox 5 news alert now. president obama is condemning the violence in libya as, quote, outrageous and unacceptable. and less than an hour ago, the president appeared in the white house with secretary of state hillary clinton. tom fitzgerald is life with the latest. >> reporter: you know, the president's facing mounting questions in recent days as to why he had not spoke out personally regarding libya and the way he did during the protests in egypt and that changed a short time ago. in his first public remarks on the crisis in libbia, the president said he was dispatching secretary of state's hillary clinton for a geneva international convention aimed at stopping the bloodshed and that is -- in his own remarks, he seemed to tackle ghadafi head on and that is being orchestrated by the united states or allies
times dispatch, tim kaine said he's flattered by the talk of him and will talk to president obama before announcing the decision. >> as former governor, he has -- >> the professor of virginia tech university, said kaine would be well-positioned to take on any republican challenger. >> today, i am announcing my candidacy for the u.s. senate. >> reporter: former virginia senator georgia allen is seeking the nomination and kadamian said mock poles have kaine doing better against -- allen than webb. >> he's coming out ahead of than what webb would have in the polls. >> reporter: others say a kaine candidacy would play into president obama's re-elect strategy in 2012ic g -- 2012. >> tim kaine is very important in that process. >> reporter: american university political science professor leonard steinhorn said with the president on the ballot in 2012, a strong democratic senate candidate in virginia is key to him carrying the state again. >> not at all surprised. the president has two goals: to get re-elected and keep the democratic majority and sees tim kaine central to both of those. >> rep
. >>> president obama warns "the entire world is watching." as he renews his demands for transition to begin in egypt now. the president says this crisis won't be resolved through violence. today protesters assembled in cairo's central square for the 11th straight day. they were asking for mubarak to step down immediately. tom fitzgerald has been following this all week. tom the demonstrations took on a different tone today. >> reporter: that is correct, brian. the demonstrations in cairo moved away from the widespread violence we have seen recently as the army moved in to keep the pro mubarak forces away from the protesters. but on the diplomatic front, there were new reports that the obama administration is stepping up its efforts to get mubarak to leave now. cairo, just yesterday looked like an urban battlefield. tonight has quieted. egypt's army, a by stander for a week, is keeping the protesters and supporters of egyptian president mubarak away from each other. a move that has reduced the violence. but after two days of bloody attacks on protesters by pro mubarak crowds, opposi
grip slipped away and after being flown to the resport town of shamil sh eik; president obama maintained a diplomatic balancing act between the protestors and not alienating mubarak praised the news. >> there are very few moments in our lives where we have the privilege to witness history taking place and this is one of those moments. >> reporter: for now at least, the long-term questions about egypt's future are taking a back seat to the immediate desire of the egyptian people to celebrate those questions remain, however, of what kind of government will take route in egypt and president obama urged the military to lift the emergency powers that he had ruled under for three decades and keep the promise to move forward. >> and that is going to be a central theme the next nine or so minutes of coverage here and i want to give you an account of what it's like to be in cairo. ahmed is a student there and i spoke with him an hour ago to get a sense how he's feeling at this moment and what that future holds. >> i. >> it was a feeling of shock at the beginning, but everyone is celebr
of historic magnitude. >> president obama, fema and the homeland security department are coordinating with states across the us as they brace for impact in chicago, that means up to possibly 2 feet of wind-whipped snow. >> the likes of which we have not seen in decades. >> reporter: a third of the country is grappling with elements, oklahoma, kansas and missouri are already getting pounded tonight. in st. louis, officials are preparing for power outages. >> it could cause problems over the next two or three days, because that ice is not going to leave. >> reporter: kansas city, missouri, has closed its airport. the two airports in chicago, mid way and o'hare are both technically open but planes aren't going anywhere. some 10,000 flights between today and tomorrow have been canceled. air traffic for the rest of the week will be a mess, and this storm is long from over anyway. >> this means very large amount of snow falling very quickly, and extremely strong winds especially near the lake front. >> reporter: the pain from this storm expected to be substantial but brief, as the storm int
part, president obama in a speech in michigan thursday made no such definitive statement on his future. instead calling again for democratic reforms to start now and was careful to not directly call on mubarak. >> we want all egyptians to know that america will continue to do everything we can to support an orderly and genuine transition to democracy in egypt. >> reporter: earlier in the day, reports of mubarak's resignation were joined by reports of a possible military coup. egypt's army announced it took steps to safeguard the country. the question tonight, what step the army will take if protestors ignore the military's call to end demonstrations now. there seems to be a disconnect between the c -- cia and white house. is there an explanation why messages were different? >> reporter: the big surprise today, brian. rarely do you hear a cia director like leon pineta come out and say something definitively about what he expects to happen and it doesn't happen. the white house was asked about this today on air force one, robert gibs was asked about cia director pineta's statement and he
billion in spending and cuts some programs president obama had already targeted. >> next week congress will focus on a short-term budget for the sake of our people and our economy we cannot allow gridlock to prevail. both democratic and republican leaders in the house and senate have said they believe it's important to keep the government running while we work together on a plan to reduce our long-term deficit. >> the biggest cuts are to earmarks. the house republican budget also cuts nearly half a billion from he education programs, 29 million for broadband access in remote areas, and 30 million for a proposed smithsonian building. >>> the national goose popular children's farm is also on the chopping block. >> parents are coming together staging an unusual protest to call attention to their cause. roz plate hear the story. -- roz plater has the story. >> sometimes they kick. >> reporter: saturday morning at the kids farm at the national zoo, learning about the animals is in full swing. but amidst the cows, goats, and don keys, there is also a protest. a pet-in, if you will, over the
no longer including the use of hot lanes. >>> president obama is expected to open up today about something he rarely talk about in public. >>> the term fell to duke last night. worried about fires on campus? this one was legit. we'll talk about it coming up. what bold taste... of -- oa coffee -- it's so rich, but so just a dollar. on the dollar menu at breakfast. and that's what we're made of. ♪ ba da ba ba ba my sistersundays are just tofor watching football. believe that? [ thinking ] relax. you ordered off mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast. everything's so good and just a buck. so go. he's a jerk. [ thinking ] the simple joy of being smart. ♪ >>> remember this? clashes between students and police caught on camera last march after maryland and duke played on campus at college park. it led to and fbi investigation of the bridge county police department and its officers' actions that night. last night, the terps had a strict -- last year rather the terps had a victory over the blue devils. not the case last night. the score was 80-62. duke has won eight of nine against maryland now a
obama joined world leaders in welcoming mubarak's decision calling it a new beginning in egypt. >> president mubarak responded to the egyptian people's hunger for change. but this is not the end of egypt's transition. it's a beginning. i'm sure there will be difficult days ahead. >> this paved the way, opens the way toward democratic development. this is a new chance for a new start. >> egyptians are hoping all of this leads to free and transparent elections in the near future and to a leadership they have chosen on their own, but many analysts are cautioning egypt's next chapter remains unpredictable and democracy may not come easily. >> is there any indication tonight that other countries in the middle east will try and capitalize on these uprisings in egypt and in tunisia? >> this has been compared to much like we saw in 1989 in eastern europe, shawn. there are already protests planned as we know tomorrow in algeria and in yemenen and there is an effort underway now in iran -- yemen and there is an effort underway now in iran to hold a rally there. however, the iranian gover
. >>> the budget battle on capitol hill has begun. president barack obama sent his budget proposal to congress yesterday. his plan calls for a $3.7 trillion budget that freezes or reduces some programs for the poor. the president said it has tough sacrifices but republicans say it doesn't go far enough in cutting the deficit. others are criticizing it for not tackling some of the biggest spending items like social security and the pentagon budget. republicans will release their spending plan later this week. >>> part of the proposed plan by republicans will slash millions of dollars in funding for metro. sarah simmons is live in northwest at the friendship hights metro station with more on how this could affect the transition agency. sarah? >> reporter: this pot of money is something house lawmakers are talking about and looking at making deep cuts in the 2011 budget that they still have to pass through the rest of the year. so this is part of the money they are talking about. but we are talking $150 million that they are talking about cutting from metro. they have a $78 million budget cap, me
during the evening tonight. back to you. >>> president obama sat down with fox's bill o'reilly for a one-on-one interview last night before the super bowl. they talked about the crisis in egypt, health care reform and even the president's popularity. mr.obama says, even though he doesn't know what egyptian president hosni mubarak plans to do, the country is not going to be the same. >> egypt is not going to go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom. they want free and fair elections. they want a representative government. they want a responsive government. so what we've said is you have to start a transition now. >> reporter: president obama also talked football. he wouldn't say who he was rooting for in the super bowl, just that he was looking for a good game. and he got one. will thomas was on the hill with more on how the super bowl played out for these super fans. >> reporter: it is a super bowl rivalry on pennsylvania avenue. this section on capitol hill called super bowl avenue, how can and do have behind me considered the packers bar. just six doors down, you will f
is a decision from a judge in florida saying obama cares, and that is unconstitutional and the federal government is moving forward. states don't know where to go. >> reporter: remarkably, the standoff between the unions and governors did not come up in this morning's press conference. later, governor duvall patrick of massachusetts suggested the governors need to work with the public service unions and not against them. >> and in massachusetts, we delivered four budgets and the union -- unions have worked with us and with wage concession, and furloughs, public schools and peg and benefits system. we found that with the public employee union and. >> reporter: if there was a consistent message, they want washington to do nothing that will jeopardize their economic recovery and that has 50 different meetings for different governors and respective parties. in washington, doug mckelway fox news. >>> the shutdown over the budget eased a bit. the house republicans announced a plan to put off the deadline by two weeks and that cuts $4 billion in spinning and that is mostly from earmarks and e
president obama said last month in the state of the union, we need to celebrate the superbowl winners, and the science fair winners. and they are here and this is the future engineers of our cities and they're here today. >> reporter: and they are facing real problems and coming up with real solutions. explain to everybody how it works. >> well the teams are formed of 12 and 13-year-olds. they have a mentor engineer on the team and their teachers and their school. there are 30 plus regional competitions and the winners are here today for the final. >> reporter: and they have to come up with a future city but they have some parameters they have to follow, correct? >> they can set their city however in the future they would like. there is a theme. this year each of the cities have consider health care and virtual health care is a challenge and we'll see ingenuity brought to that. >> reporter: and they start by using software and start a model. >> and then they produce a physical model and essays and research are part of it and the presentation is important as well. >> reporter: and they
. president obama says that's not true. >> let me be clear. the change that's taking place across the region is being driven by the people of the region. this change doesn't represent the work of the united states or any foreign power. it represents the aspirations of people who are seeking a better life. as one libyan said, we just want to be able to live like human beings. we just want to be able to live like human beings. it's the most basic of aspirations that's driving this change. >> president obama spoke with the leaders of britain and france yesterday about coordinating a response to the unrest. >>> the violence in libya is one reason we're seeing a jump in oil and gas prices here. the national average climbed 5 cents overnight to $3.28 per gallon. it's higher in the district at $3.36 a gallon. virginia is up a nickel at .15 forecasters are calling for prices to hit $4 a gallon by memorial day. >>> another big story we're following here. a saudi arabia man accused of planning a terrorist attack is expected to be in court this morning. he tried to make and use a weapon of mass destru
obama and billow 'riley, touching on the ungoing unrest in egypt. president obama is saying even though he doesn't know what the egyptian president, mubarak, plans to do, the country is not going to be the same. >> egypt is not going to go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom, they want fair elections, they want arepresentative government, they want a responsive government. so what we have said is you have to start a transition now. >> reporter: on the matter of the health care reform, president obama sounded off on a recent ruling by the federal judges in florida, declaring the bill he signed into law last year unconstitutional. >> i think that the judge in florida was wrong. keep in mind that we have had 12 judges that just threw this case out. >> reporter: president obama underscoring his bottom line on the issue saying that he is not prepared to lose ground. >> i don't want to spend the next two years refighting the battle of the last two years. >> reporter: the interview is largely, but with fewer changes the last time the two men sat down in 2008. rushing through
. when we remember president obama calling us out for being soft. >> my cuss unis a -- my cousin is a school teacher in chicago. they're never off. >> i was so glad to see the temperature here above 32 degrees. >> yesterday morning, we were talking about that we would probably have some problems and some freezing rain but i'm happy to be wrong about this one. >> you said that yesterday. >> you said it could go one way or the other. >> right. and it has gone in our favor. let's show you radar. i do want to show that you we do have some rain showers across the region. they are pushing off to the east and i think this will be out of here during the next conful hours. we'll have some winds to help us dry off. rain showers across portions of the viewing area. we are not having any reports of freezing rain. there were reports of freezing rain late last night. some of our facebook fans even posted their reports from their areas. during the overnight hours and early this morn, it is just rain. temperatures, let me show you what they look like. they are pretty good. we are at 36-degree. 3
for metro. >>> president obama telling the justice department it does not have to defend a law that bans government from recognizing same-sex. fox 5 morning 5 morn -- from recognizing same-sex marriage. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> we do have one school delay to pass along. out to the west, garrett county schools in western maryland will be delayed two hours this morning. >> i guess we are getting reports that there is a little bit of icing in that area, is that right? >> that is correct. some freezing rain falling out there. they have a freezing rain advisory in everything out in gulf air the county so a little bit of action out in the western portions of maryland, not here though. we've got a quiet start to the day. cold start too. take a look at the temperatures around the region p we are in the 0s and the low 30s depending on where you are. currently in washington, we're at 33 degrees. -- take a look at the temperatures around the region. we are in the 20s and the low 30s depending on where you are. dulles at 35. # 3 at -- 33 at patuxent naval air station. you can se
of the white house tonight. the obama administration is speaking. president obama is at the podium to talk about the development in libya. >> all should give thanks to the men and women serving in our embassies and consulates around the world, they represent the best of our country and values. throughout the period across the region, the united states maintained a set of core principles that guide our approach and they apply to the situation in libya. last week, we strongly condemn the use of violence in libya. the american people extend our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones who were killed and injuries and -- injured, the suffering and blood shed is outrageous and unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protestors and to further punish the people of libya. they violate every norm and standard of common descents. this must stop the united states strongly supports the universal right of the libyan people, that includes the right to peaceful assembly, free speech and the people to determine their own destiny. and these are human rights, they're not negotiab
% of the vote, easily defeating five other candidates. president barack obama sent good wishes to e manual within hours of his victory. in october he left the white house to run as mayor. he takes office may 16th. >>> fox 5 has learned a city council investigation has been launched into the discovery of the $1,900 a month navigator driven by kwame brown. >> brown said he returned the suv to the department of public works but even though he isn't driving it ort first one he didn't like, taxpayers are still footing the bill until city can get out of the leases. if that's even possible. will thomas has more. >> reporter: first the controversy, kwame brown driving a fully loaded stretch lincoln inform gator costing taxpayers $1,900 a month. the first one wasn't good enough, rejected because he didn't like the color of the interior. so two luxury suvs leased on behalf of chairman brown costing taxpayers nearly $4,000 a month. fox 5 made requests to speak with brown and stop by his office. his spokesperson said he declined all interview requests but he spoke. >> he's going to return the car. pla
. it was actually planted in 1978. this is video from a few month ago when president obama lit the tree. officials say they already have a replacement in mind for it. so that's a bit of good news. a bit of history taken down by mother nature. the bad things that have happened, we have talked about the fires. one thing is that there has not been a lot of precipitation. the ground are not saturated so that a lot of trees are not loose at their base but that would have caused a lot of problems if that had been the case. more details on how this all plays out. >> gwen, we'll see you soon inside. >> the upside is that they have a lot of time before next christmas >>> we want to start in germantown where a series of fire gusted more than 50 miles per hour. >> the fires are under control to. but they are not completely out. fox 5's ross plater has the latest tonight. >> reporter: this is the beginning of what they are calling the night ops or nighttime operation, if you will. that means that the fire crew also position themselves on the perimeter of the fire making sure they are under control and making
abandoned. more military leaders have quit the regime and president obama has added his voice to the international outrage. >> these violent international norms and every standard of common decency. this violence must stop. >> reporter: as far as the americans who are trying to leave libya. sea conditions will not allow their ferry to part yet. they should leave tomorrow at the earliest. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> the instability in the middle east, particularly in libya, has sent the price of oil up and that is affecting the price at the pump. according to triple-a, the national average for a gallon of regular gas is now $3.22. here is a look at what we are paying here in our area. d.c. is $3.30 for a gal of regular unleaded. maryland is $3.16 and virginia is $3.10. so how high can we expect the prices to go? lawrence minettey joins us live with details. not good for our wallets. >> reporter: good morning, allison. the national average of $3.22 is 4 cents higher than yesterday and every penny increase in the price of gasoline takes $1 billion out of the economy
. at the white house president obama broke his silence. >> the suffering and blood shed is outrageous and it is unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protestors and further punish the people of libya. >> reporter: but the statement never mentioned khadaffi by name. he's reportedly using his military to attack his own people. the careful words may be among the thousands of foreigns trying to leave libya. airports and border crossings are jammed and those who fled tell stories of horror. >> the disaster is terrible. people fighting for their life. scrambling over people and pushing, shoving, kicking. >> reporter: and through it all khadaffi remains defiant as some army bases are abandoned, more military leaders have quit the regime and president obama has finally added his voice to the international outrage. >> these actions violate international norms and every standard of common decency. this violence must stop. >> reporter: as far as americans leaving libya, sea conditions will not allow their ferry to part. they should leave tomorrow at the earliest. in washingto
win on the hill today for some gop freshmen and president obama. the house voted to cancel a controversial program to build an alternative engine for the pentagon's next generation warplane. the $450 million program for the f-35 engine is the costliest weapons program in u.s. history. house speaker john boehner and many gop leaders supported the program. president obama, president george w. bush and pentagon brass tried for years to scrap it. >> we considered it an unnecessary and extravagant expense particularly during a period of fiscal contraction. the president, the military services and i continue to oppose this extra engine and when the current cr expires i will look at all available legal options to close down this program. >> supporters in the senate will now try to save the f-35 engine. >>> the list of washington's most wasteful agencies is out. the government's office of accountability takes aim at federal mismanagement of taxpayer dollars. fox's molly hannenberg looks at this year's offenses. >> reporter: it's not an honor to make this list. >> because it means t
.s. ambassador met with opposition leaders, president obama met with the foreign policy team and the state department orderd all personnel in egypt to leave whole the united nations human rates commission said it will investigate the reported deaths of 300 protestors. >> the high commission believes this should be a clear investigation into why the authorities took the decision to expose the population to considerable risk in this way and who is responsible. >> reporter: we're going bring in -- who -- throughout north africa and the middle east. good evening, ambassador. you met and talked with hosni mubarak and he said heaves go -- he was going to stay on until his term in november. how do you see this playing out? >> i have the feeling the people in egypt won't accept what president mubarak said and that expression of being fed up was made clear the last week and they want him to go now. and they are probably concerned about what happens if he stays on until september, giving him a chance to reassert the authority and i don't think that that is over and until it's over, and i don't think
on where the government stands. >>> one of president obama's major campaign promises, closing the guantanamo bay detention center. two years into the presidency there are still dozens of detainees there. >> the prospects for closing guantanamo bay as best i can tell you are very, very low. given a very broad opposition to doing that here in the congress. >> president obama says he's still committed to closing the facility but many in congress don't want the detainees moved to prisons in the united states. >>> freeing prisoners has also been a problem. the government says one of four set free are suspected or engaged in terrorist activity. >>> a body found today in a wooded area near the inner loop of the beltway in camp springs, maryland. the body was so decomposed it's not even clear if it's a man or a woman. an autopsy will be done. >>> virginians have to go hands-free. state lawmakers made the decision. >> and more illegal fishing nets found in maryland. a problem that seems to be spiraling out of control. details coming up.  >>> maryland natural resources police
, meanwhile, after weeks of diplomatic stops and starts, president obama urged the egyptian people to hold on to the democratic goals of the protest. >> the military has served patriotically and responsibly as a caretaker to the state and will have to ensure a transition that is credible in the eyes of the egyptian people. >> reporter: questions remain over what kind of government will take route in egypt and for now, the shouts of celebration ring out on the streets of cairo. here in washington, officials are trying to still evaluate what this means for the united states. the demonstrations have been free of anti-americanism. now that mubarak is gone, shawn, the united states is keeping a close eye on who might play a role in any egyptian government. >> let's talk about that, who what is next? the director of middle east projects at george mason university joins us tonight. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, shawn. >> reporter: we know the people of egypt got something they wanted, took them 18 days to get rid of 30 years of dictatorship. what is next? what challenges lay ahead? >> r
down. we'll have the latest coming up. >>> and president obama offers an olive branch to a group highly critical of the health care and financial reform.  >>> over the weekend, they met for the first time to discuss the future. joining us now from the newsroom with the latest. >> there were some small signs of return to normalcy today. but the crisis is taking on all the signs of a standoff. on one side, the demonstrators who remain on the street and the other, the mubarak government who is now reaching out to the opposition groups. >> now in their third week, the sounds of protest continue in cairo. but while protesters are still demanding president mubarak to leave now, they are showing no signs of leaving the fourth term and in september. as egypt reopens while mubarak, himself was on tv seen meeting with his new cabinet. and president obama called the developments progress. >> what about the situation in egypt today? situation egypt? >> yes. >> obviously we just need to go there. to prepare and i think you're making forces. >> that passes a growing concern. the president on sund
this afternoon prior to mubarak's speech, president obama said that the united states would continue to support the goals of the protestors but he did not outright call for mubarak to step down. and so going -- >> so going forward, we want the young people and all egyptians to know that america will continue to do everything that we can to support an orderly and genuine transition to democracy in egypt. >> reporter: there was a lot of confusion that swirled throughout the day. earlier, there were reports of mubarak's resignation that started or as a military coup. the army had announced it had taken steps to safeguard the country, and those reports intensified when cia director leon pineta told a congressional hearing this morning that there was a strong likelihood that mubarak was going step down today. >> and there seems, obviously, to be a disconnect between the white house and cia on what was going to happen in egypt today. are we going to hear more from president obama about this? >> reporter: president obama himself said in his address in michigan today that he would have more to say, but
this morning. just log on to for the latest throughout the day. >>> president barack obama turning his attention from egypt to religion this morning. the president right now addressing the national prayer breakfast. but there is another special guest in attendance. and gurvir dhindsa has more where breakfast is taking place. good morning. >> reporter: allison, good morning to you. the prayer breakfast here at the washington hilton got underway at about 8:00 this morning. president obama started speaking just a couple of minutes ago. every president since eisenhower has attended the national prayer breakfast so it's not unusual for the president to be here. as a matter of fact he did speak here last year. last year talking about his personal views on prayer. so why is it important that the president be here again today addressing his faith? this is why. listen to these numbers. there was a national survey taken back if october of 2010 where the president's faith once again came into question. four out of ten pastors, there were a thousand pastors surveyed, believe that the president
obama. more than 10,000 activists converging in washington to attend the three-day conservative political action conference. many see it as the opening bell for the republican presidential nominating contest. >> the main thing is elect ago republican president next year. it we can't put america on the right track until we elect a republican president in 2012 and a republican senate to join the republican house in enacting those crucial policies. >> reporter: after the major speeches came, the highlily anticipated straw poll. more than 3700 people voted. this year's winner, ron paul with 30%. the texas congressman known for his libertarian views ran for president in 2008 but was never a serious contender for the gop nome notion. >> let's say we even theoretically and a miracle happened and we billioned the budget where we are today. it would be still a disaster because we're spending too much money. but it wouldn't change a lot. when a crisis comes, guess what happens. guess who does the bailing out? the federal reserve used $4 billion to pass out without congressional approval,
for the update. >>> and one day after sending the budget to capitol hill, president obama is sending a message to congress, don't cut too much or the recovery could statement it was a full plate at the president's news conference this morning. budget cuts, spending, egypt and the middle east. tom fitzgerald is here to break it down for us. first, what is the president saying about republican attacks to on his budget plan? >> reporter: laura, the president said he was optimistic, that once both sides get out, the democrats and republicans will be able to come together is come in an agreement on the budget and there are still big questions that remain. about the security and medy care that still remain on the table. it in his first news conference this year, president obama compared his $3.7 trillion budget to the household budgets many americans have tightened themselves. >> we're not going to run up the credit card anymore. that's important. >> reporter: the president has drawn criticism from liberals, the proposing cuts and college grants, heating aids for -- for the poor and federal salary f
of chris lee has to say about the resident i guess nation. >>> and michelle obama always makes news and much of the time it's because of what she's wearing. we'll talk to the author of a new book that explores why she is such a fashion icon. back in a moment.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoyiless and less? aying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. you'll get a multi-room dvr free for 12 months. record shows in one room and watch them in up to six other rooms. call now. offer ends soon. there's no term contract required. you can cancel anytime with no early termination fee. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that del superior picture quality, more hd; plus the fastest internet in t. why keep paying ble? get fi internet and phone for just $99.99 a month -- plus a multi-room dvr free for 12 months. don't wait. this incredible of ends soon. call 1.866.680.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's 1.866.680.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. get t
. >>> well a ceremony at the white house yesterday honoring some people that president obama calls the best of who we are and who we aspire to be. 15 people received the medal of freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, including former president and world war ii veteran george h.w. bush. and then yo yo ma who performed for kennedy when he was just 7 years old. philanthropist warn buffet and poet mia angelo. >> marguerite ann johnson endured trauma and abuse that actually led her to stop speaking. but as a performer and ultimately a writer, a poet, mia angelo found her voice. it's a voice that's spoken to millions. including my mother which is why my sister is named mia. baseball hall of famer sam unusual and nba legend bill russell honored. and russell and president obama had that laugh as the president stretched to put the medal around his neck. for a complete list go to >>> the plan on catching -- do you plan on catching a flight? you may want to call ahead. why your united airlines flight may be delayed or canceled. >>> and holly is on the hunt for produce. i think you
confession easier for catholics. >>> a also, a confession from first lady michelle obama. what she revealed about one of the president's bad habits. it is now 6:41. >>> arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords with a new goal to strife for. her husband hopes she will progress enough to attend his space launch in just two months. mark kelly says he expects to see his wife see him off. >>> you can now add confession to the list of apps. it takes you through an examination of conscience to help you create a list of your sins. it is password protected by the way. the app is meant to make confession easier to approach but for it to counted, have you to actually go to confession and get absolution fry priest. >>> first lady michelle obama says president obama has quit smoking. yesterday, she said the president quit smoking a year ago. he started smoking when he was a teenager. in twine, mr. obama said he had spent his adult life trying to quit. >> keeping an eye on a couple of things happening out there on the roads. this is 66 at the beltway and there was a trash truck that overturned there. so
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